Welcome to the BMR Choice Plus+ Plan, Jaques!

Finally… Affordable, doctor, medical & prescription drug benefits for you and your family.

Plans starting at only $79.00 per month! Only $129 for member and spouse.

Healthcare is no longer complicated, expensive, hard to use, or difficult to understand.

The Choice Plus+ Plan was designed exclusively for RewardJet members, their spouses and children. This plan includes doctor visits, urgent care, diagnostic and x-ray, lab testing and a host of preventive and wellness services all offered at low monthly cost and low copay. And because this is an ACA and individual mandate approved healthplan, members who sign up can avoid IRS penalties that can add up to almost $2,200 per year for those who are not insured.

What the plan includes

  • Generic Rx Program With UNLIMITED Maximum Benefit
    Most Member copays are less than $10 for formulary drugs
  • Up to 80% discount for generic drugs not covered in the plan
  • Up to 25% dsicount for brand drugs not covered in the plan
  • 70 Preventive & Wellness Services
    No coppay at all! Services defined by CMS.
  • 5 Primary Care Physician Office Visits Per Year
    $25 copay
  • 1 Urgent Care Visit Per Year
    $50 copay
  • 1 Diagnostic test or X-Ray Per Year
    $50 copay
  • 1 Lab Test Per Year
    $50 copay
Doctor & Medical
  • Doctor visits
  • Urgent care
  • Diagnotic and xray
  • Lab testing
  • Preventive and wellness
  • Low copay
Prescription Drugs
  • No benefit maximum
  • Most generics covered
  • 75,000 pharmacies
  • Mail order option
Easy and Low Cost
  • Comprehensive benefits
  • Simple, fast enrollment
  • Immediate coverage
  • Instant approval
  • Affordable payments

Sign up in less than 5 minutes!

Until now, your healthcare options were limited and costly. BMR Choice Plus+ gives you comprehensive services including uncapped prescriptions benefit at incredibly low prices.