Plan details and pricing options

Designed to be deliver affordable healthcare to people just like you.

The Choice Plus+ Plan was designed to help people who either couldn’t get major medical or who just could not afford it. We looked hard at what many hard working people really needed and worked to create a basic healthcare plan that almost anyone could afford.

How the plan works

Once you sign up and make your first payment you will then have access to a network of the over 00,000 doctors in the Blue Cross Blue Shield network. The plan allows you, or members of your family to each visit a primary care physician up to 5 times per year for only a $25 out-of-pocket, copay. You can find a list of particiating physicians here. In addition you will be entitled to one laboratory test, one xray or diagnostic test and one urgent care visit each year. Each of these additional services will only requite a $50 copay. You schedule visits just as you would any other plan. As if that wasn’t good enough, this plan also includes a real prescription drug plan with copays of as little as $10 for most formulary drugs.

How this plan is different

Because we are not a traditional medical plan there is no enrollment period and you cannot be turned down for coverage. You can enroll any time! Now you might be wondering how we can do this? The answer is really quite simple. We are not a major medical plan. What we provide is minimum essential coverage for those individuals who currently do not have any coverage at all or for whom major medial coverage is just too expansive. It allows people to get check ups and treat small medical problems before they become major ones. There is no catch but there are certain limits. Once you exceed you alloted number of visits in a calendar year additional visits, test or services will be billed at their normal rates.

Coverage at prices almost anyone can afford

Single member


per month
Member and spouse


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per month each
Please note: The plan requires that you commit to one year of coverage and pay the first 3 months up front. Afterwards you will be billed monthly.

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Until now, your healthcare options were limited and costly. BMR Choice Plus+ gives you comprehensive services including uncapped prescriptions benefit at incredibly low prices.